Stick Golf


stick golfStick Golf is another addicting sports game online featuring a stickman character playing golf. Go through a two-dimensional golf course and try to complete each hole with the fewest shots possible. Use your mouse to determine the power and trajectory of your shot. Click the left and right arrows to set the trajectory of your shot. Click the power button to start swinging your club. Watch the power meter as it moves up and down and click at the right moment to set the power of your shot. Once you are happy with your aim, click the large button again to swing your club and hit the ball. Watch out for various inconsistencies in the terrain and avoid hitting bunkers or water hazards. Make sure your shots are not too powerful or the ball will end up out of bounds. You will earn cash as you progress, use it to buy cosmetics for your character. In the Stick Golf game online, there are 5 hats to unlock and 10 holes to complete.

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