Speedy Golf


speedy golfSpeedy Golf is yet another addicting golf game online in which you will become a professional golf player. The game features beautiful 3D graphics and super-fun gameplay that will make you hooked in no time. Your objective is to hit the ball with a club and get it in the hole as quickly as possible. Click the left and right arrows to change the direction of your shot. When you are happy with your position on the green, just click the swing button and your golfer will start shooting the ball. Watch the power meter and spin meter, then click at the right moment to set the power and trajectory of your shot. You can change the type of your club by clicking the corresponding button. You can also customize your character to make him look unique or even crazy. And, if you want to get a better view of the green, just switch to the aerial camera. In the Speedy Golf game online, there are so many options and features it will blow your mind!

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