Slingo Solitaire Golf


slingo solitaire golfThe objective of Slingo Solitaire Golf is to score as many points as possible by playing through several rounds of Solitaire style game using a scoring system based on golf. When the game begins, you will have the option of Mini-Golf or Biggy-Golf. Once the game is started, the game board is displayed. Every game is played from a standard deck of 52 cards. The Biggy-Golf game board is made up of 35 cards, face up in a 7×5 fashion. The Mini-Golf game board is made up of 28 cards, face up in a 7×4 fashion. The remaining cards are spread out face down in the Draw Pile. The first card of the draw pile is turned face up in the Discard Pile and you can now start removing cards from the game board. Click on a card that is either one number higher, or one number lower than the card in the discrad pile. You can only click on a card that is not covered by any other card. The King card is a stopper and it has different rules.

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