Shaun the Sheep Baahmy Golf


shaun-the-sheep-baahmy-golfIn the Baahmy Golf game online, your objective is to help Shaun the Sheep score points by smashing various objects. The game is situated on a farm full of obstacles like tractors, bales of straw, and scarecrows. Use your keyboard or mouse to launch the ball with your golf club. If the ball is hit by Shaun’s feet, click the mouse to take another swipe at it. Drop the ball into the toilet and it will come flying out of the U-Bend. Drop the ball into the tractor bucket and it will be shot back out at high speed. Click the mole hill and a mole will leap out of the mound, he can knock the ball to the sides. Click the duck to make him bob and dive. If the ball is nearby, he will flick it away fast. Kick the bucket three times to open the shed door and reveal what’s going on inside. Click the veg-box to fly open the door and bat the ball around nice and fast. The deckchair flings the ball away, it is good for smashing lots of the nearby glass.

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