Presidential Golf


presidential golfDonald Trump might not be the most popular president in the history of United States, but he surely is a good golf player, or at least in this game! In the Presidential Golf game online, your objective is to help the glorious Donald Trump on his mission to become the greatest golf player of all times. Use his tremendous golfing abilities to shoot the ball, complete holes and make America great again! Click the left and right arrows to set the trajectory of your shot. Click the large rounded button on the right to start swinging your club. The power meter will indicate how strong your shot will be. Click the button once again to swing your club and shoot the ball towards the hole. Avoid hitting bunkers and water hazards at all costs, they will make your progress really slow. You can see the target hole by dragging your mouse around the screen. Can you complete all 10 holes with the fewest shots possible in the Presidential Golf game?

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