Mini Golf Jurassic


mini golf jurassicIn the Mini Golf Jurassic game online, you will have a chance to play on a dinosaur-themed mini golf course! The game features two different modes. Play the Classic mode if you like the standard mini golf rules with pars and unlimited shots. Select the Challenge mode for a set of new and reinvented mini golf rules like limited number of shots per course. There are 50 levels to complete and you can earn up to three stars in each of them. Use your mouse to play the game. Click the large arrow keys on the left to set direction of your shot. Watch the power meter on the right and click on the ball at the right moment to set power of your shot. You will earn credits as you progress in the game, they can be used for buying various items in the shop such as golf balls and power-ups. If you will continue to play the game every day, you can collect daily rewards! Can you complete all levels of the Mini Golf Jurassic game online?

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