Mini Golf Hole in One Club


mini golf hole in one clubMini Golf Hole in One Club is a brilliant golf game online that is suitable for both adults and kids! Play on 5 different golf courses with 18 holes in each of them and try to have the lowest score possible at the end of the game. There are 10 difficulty levels on each golf course, which makes the game extremely challenging and fun. Choose one of the easier difficulty levels if you are a beginner player, or if you are new to golf games in general. Click your left mouse button and drag your cursor around the screen to set the power and trajectory of your shot. Once you are happy with your aim, release your left mouse button and shoot the ball towards the hole. All the important game information such as the name of the course, current difficulty level, number of holes, and pars are displayed on top of the screen. Let’s see how many holes-in-one you can score in this super-addicting golf game online called Mini Golf Hole in One Club.

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