Mini Golf Forever


mini golf foreverMini Golf Forever is a 3D mini-golf game online with realistic graphics and challenging gameplay. It features an innovative gameplay mechanism with a procedurally generated golf course and an infinite amount of levels to complete. Go through the course, shoot the ball, overcome obstacles and reach the hole with the fewest shots possible. Click your mouse and drag your cursor around the screen to set the power and direction of your shot. Release to swing your club and putt the ball. There are various objects that you will need to overcome such as loops and tunnels. Beware of steep inclines and declines, they will make the ball fly off the bounds if your shot is too powerful! Watch the amount of strokes and level’s par displayed at the bottom of the screen. Enter the fullscreen mode for a better gaming experience. In the Mini Golf Forever, there are so many levels to complete, you will be able to play this game for hours on end!

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