Mini Golf Club


mini golf clubMini Golf Club is a multiplayer sports game online in which you will compete against players from all around the world. Select a server, customize your character and start playing a match! You can either create a new game, or join an existing game from someone else. This is a great way how to play with your buddies in the same lobby. Bounce your ball around the golf course and try to reach the hole with the fewest strokes possible. If you have the lowest score at the end of the match, you are the winner! You will earn coins after each match, they can be spend for various items in the shop. There are dozens of accessories you can buy for your ball such as hats, baseball caps, crowns, helmets, etc. You can also customize the effect and color of your shot. Click and hold your mouse button, then drag your mouse around the screen to set the power and direction of your shot. Release the button to putt the ball towards the hole.

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