Mini Golf Clash


mini golf clashMini Golf Clash is an arcade sports game online similar to the Mini Golf Master, which has gained so much popularity on our website. If you are a fan of casual golf games with 2D graphics and fun gameplay, then you will absolutely love this title! The objective of the game is simple: Shoot the ball, overcome obstacles and score holes. Try to finish each level with the lowest amount of shots possible. Bounce the ball off walls and other objects to get it in the hole. Beware of sand traps, they will slow the movement of the ball. Avoid water hazards at all costs, hitting them will ruin your progress! Each level has a specified number of strokes needed for completion. Try to stay below the par to score the maximum amount of points in the level. You will collect coins as you play the game, use them to unlock new balls and courses. In the Mini Golf Clash game online, there are seven balls and five golf courses, can you unlock them all?

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