Mini Golf 2D


mini golf 2dMini Golf 2D is a super simple golf game online with minimalist 2D graphics and challenging gameplay. If you are a fan of casual sports games with an easy to learn mechanism, then you might be interested in this title. The game might be very easy to pick up, but it is extremely hard to master. Click your mouse and drag your cursor into a direction to set the power and angle of your shot. Release the left mouse button to swing your club and putt the ball. Once you have hit the ball, click once again to increase the power of your shot even further. This will help you overcome tall obstacles. Try to reach the hole with the least amount of putts possible. You will earn stars after each level depending on your performance. If you manage to score a hole-in-one, you will earn three stars, otherwise you will only get one or two stars. In the Mini Golf 2D game online, there are 20 fun levels waiting for you, can you complete them all?

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