Maya Golf


maya golfMaya Golf is an addicting golf game online with Maya-themed golf courses. If you are a fan of the Maya civilization and free golf games, then this game is exactly for you. It features beautiful environments with forests and pyramids, which makes the game relaxing and fun. Go through 8 different golf courses with 9 holes in each of them and try to complete all holes with the lowest number of strokes possible. Click your left mouse button and drag your cursor into a direction to aim. Release the button to swing your club and hit the ball. Beware of various obstacles around the course. Avoid hitting trees, bunkers and water hazards. If your swing is to weak, you will need more strokes to complete the hole. If your swing is too strong, the ball will go out of bounds and you will have to start from the last position. The scoreboard is displayed on the top of the screen. Can you complete all golf courses of the Maya Golf game?

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