Let’s Play Golf


lets play golfLet’s Play Golf is another simple golf game online with challenging and fun gameplay. The game offers 20 levels with increasing difficulty, which makes the golf course harder as you progress. You start on an easy hole with a couple of hills and bunkers, but as you continue playing, the terrain will become much rougher. There will be lots of bunkers and water hazards around the course and you will have to be really careful. If you hit a water hazard, you will get a +1 point penalty. And, if you get too many points, you will fail the level. After each level, you will earn up to three stars depending on the number of strokes. The lower your number of strokes, the more stars you will get. If you manage to get a hole-in-one, you will get three stars. Click and drag your mouse into a direction to aim. Release the mouse button to swing your club and shoot the ball. Do you have what it takes to complete all 20 holes of the golf course?

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