Kaboom Swing


kaboom swingKaboom Swing is one of the most unique games you can play on our Golf Games website. You control a bomb and your mission is to complete holes around the golf course with a help of explosions. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to roll your bomb around the map. Press and hold space bar to explode! Find the best place to activate your explosion, so you can safely reach the hole. There are lots of dangerous traps around the map which will make it harder for you to reach the hole. You will need to avoid touching those traps at all costs, or they will destroy your bomb! Each level will give you a limited amount of ammunition and if you use it all, you will need to restart from the beginning. Press the R key on your keyboard if you wish to restart the level. The Kaboom Swing game online offers lots of challenging puzzles to solve and tons of cool obstacles to overcome. Can you reach all holes in one piece and complete the game?

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