Hole 24


hole 24Hole 24 is a simple golf game online in which you will play on a 2-dimensional golf course. Your mission is to complete 24 challenging holes and finish the course as quickly as you can. Drag the ball to aim and adjust the strength of your shot, release to shoot the ball. Be careful and don’t make your shot too powerful or the ball will fly too far and go out of bounds. If the ball ends up out of bounds, you will have to restart the level from the tee position. There are lots of sharp objects scattered around the golf course. You must avoid hitting them at all costs! If the ball hits one of the sharp objects, you will have to start over! Click the area at the bottom of the screen and drag your cursor into a direction to move the camera. In the Hole 24 golf game online, there is no par and no stroke limit. So, just take your time and be patient with your shots. The game might seem frustrating at times, but with a little training, you should be fine!

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