golfellaGolfella is a very unique golf game online that is a combination of a free sports game and a running platformer. It features interesting characters, amazing gameplay, and beautiful landscapes that will leave you speechless. You become a girl called Golfella who is being accompanied by her trusty dog Eagle. Go through the game world and practice your golfing skills, so you will be ready for the big tournament coming up next weekend! Use the arrows or W,A,S,D keys on your keyboard to control your character. Press your space bar to jump. Click and hold your left mouse button to hit the ball. You can hit the ball while moving, and the faster you are moving, the faster the ball will fly when you hit it! If you hold the mouse button in certain direction, you will perform different swings. Holding up arrow or W key will pop the ball into the air. You can use this to combo into your aerial moves. Reach the hole to complete each level.

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