Golf Wars


golf warsGolf Wars is a fun two-player golf game online in which you will face an opponent golfer in a real time battle! You can either compete against a computer controlled character in the single player mode, or challenge your friend in the 2 player mode to find out who is the better player. Each character is placed on one side of the screen and a hole appears in the middle. Your objective is to complete the hole as quickly as you can and don’t let the opponent complete it. The player who manages to complete the hole faster earns one point. Earn three points to win the match. It doesn’t matter how many strokes you have at the end of the match. All that matters is speed and number of completed holes. Click your mouse to determine the trajectory of your shot. Click again to set the power of your shot and launch the ball from the tee. Let’s see how many battles you can win in this fun two-player golf game online called Golf Wars!

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