Golf Solitaire Pro


golf solitaire proGolf Solitaire Pro is a challenging card game online based on the classic Golf Solitaire. It features a beautiful art style with golf-themed pictures on the cards such as golfers, clubs, balls, and trophies. If you are a fan of card games and golf courses, you will absolutely love this title! There are 7 piles of cards on the tableau with 5 cards in each of them. Remove all cards from the tableau by selecting open cards that are one higher or one lower than the open card on the discard pile. When a wildcard appears on the tableau, use it if there is no other suitable card. You can place a wildcard on any other card on the discard pile. Click on the stock pile to get a new open card if you need one. There can be a wild card even in the stock pile, so keep that in mind. You will earn points for each removed card and some extra bonus points at the end of each level. Your current level, score, and remaining time are displayed on the right.

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