Golf Royale


golf royaleGolf Royale is a multiplayer .io game online in which you can compete against up to 50 opponents in a real time battle. The game features realistic 3D graphics, challenging golf courses, and character customization. Your objective is to launch your golf ball, race around the course and reach the hole as quickly as you can. Click your left mouse button and drag your cursor to set the power of your shot. Release to putt the ball. You can also putt the ball while moving. Try to aim for the hole, but avoid hitting obstacles and traps. There are various objects scattered around the course. Some might help you, while others will slow you down. You will earn coins and experience points for completing each level. Use the collected coins to unlock new cosmetics such as hats and skins. Use the XP to level up and unlock rewards. In the Golf Royale game online, there are many different levels to play and you can even make your own!

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