Golf Park


golf parkGolf Park is a super-simple yet highly-addicting golf game online in which you will play on a golf course made of platforms. The game is very easy to learn, but extremely hard to master. There are no obstacles and water hazards on the course, but the high of the platform will change with each hole. So, you will need to guess the perfect trajectory of your shot to complete the hole. You have ten balls left at the beginning of the game and once you shoot them all, the game is over! Click and hold you left mouse button to increase the power of your shot. Release the button to swing your club and hit the ball. Try to aim as precisely as you can, so the ball lands on the platform. If your swing is too weak, you will undershoot the hole. If it’s too strong, you will overshoot the hole. You can click on the corresponding button to enter the full screen mode for a better experience. How many points can you score in the Golf Park game?

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