Golf Clash


golf clashGolf Clash is an addicting sports game online featuring animals playing golf. If you have enjoyed the legendary Yetisports 5 title, then you will absolutely love this one! You become a white bear whose mission is to launch a penguin and shoot it as far as possible. Click and hold your left mouse button to start swinging. Drag your cursor into a direction to aim. Release your mouse button to swing your golf club and shoot the penguin. Try to get the penguin into the hole using the lowest amount of strokes possible. Let it bounce off animals and objects scattered around the map, they will increase its momentum and make it fly for a little longer. Collect coins and gems along the way and use them for buying various items in the shop. You can either upgrade your abilities like speed and power, or unlock cool new clubs for your character. In the Golf Clash game online, there are 30 challenging levels, can you complete them all?

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