Golf Bounce


golf bounceGolf Bounce is a super-fun golf game online in which you will become a polar bear playing with a penguin instead of a golf ball. If you are a fan of free online golf games with animals that don’t take themselves that seriously, then you might as well like the Yetisports 5 title. Aim and shoot the penguin as far as possible and try to get it in the hole! Click your mouse and drag your cursor around the screen to set the power and direction of your shot. Release, to swing your club and shoot the penguin. Avoid hitting obstacles like trees and giraffes and bounce the penguin off various objects such as mushrooms and hippos. Beware of sharp objects, they will kill the penguin! Collect coins and diamonds scattered around the golf course and buy upgrades in the shop. You can upgrade the speed, power, bounce, and launch abilities of the ball. There are 30 levels in the game and you have 3 lives left at the beginning of each level.

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