Golf Blitz


golf-blitzGolf Blitz is an addicting mini-golf game online with realistic 3D graphics and challenging gameplay. This is as close to an online mini-golf simulator as it can get. Go through a beautiful golf course full of interesting obstacles and lots of cool details, complete holes and earn as many points as possible within the given time limit. Click on the ball and drag your mouse to adjust the power and direction of your shot. Release to swing your club and putt the ball towards the hole. The ball will have much more friction on arid terrains like snow and much less friction on slippery surfaces like ice. Too look around the course, just click your left mouse button and drag your cursor around the screen. Try to complete the course with the fewest shots possible. Your score, remaining time, and bonus points are displayed on the top. Can you finish the whole golf course within the given time limit in this fun sports game online called Golf Blitz?

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