Golf Battle


golf battleGolf Battle is a free miniature golf game online with realistic 3D graphics and challenging gameplay. If you are a fan of other mini-golf games on our website, then you will absolutely love this one! Your objective is to shoot the ball around the golf course and reach the hole with the fewest putts possible. Score as many points as you can within the given time limit of 2 minutes. Collect coins along the way to increase your score. Avoid hitting water hazards and going out of bounds at all costs! The game features some cool obstacles such as windmills and bridges that you need to overcome. Drag the ball to adjust the power and direction of your shot. Release to swing your club and shoot the ball towards the hole. Keep in mind that the ball has more friction on rigid terrains such as snow, and less friction on slippery terrains such as ice. How many points can you earn in this super-fun mini-golf game online called Golf Battle?

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