Elite Minigolf


elite minigolfElite Minigolf is a free golf game online with beautiful 3D graphics and challenging gameplay. Go through a realistic mini-golf course situated in the nature, complete holes and finish levels. Use your mouse to drag the ball and make it move in the opposite direction to the pointer. Release your left mouse button to shoot the ball. Overcome hills and other obstacles scattered around the course. Falling off the course will give you an extra stroke. Try to putt the ball in the hole with as few shots as possible. Each level comes with its optimal shot count, also known as par. Master your swing to match or beat the optimal shot count. You can see the number of strokes and level goal displayed at the top left. You can change your view by clicking the corresponding button. Rotate the view by clicking and dragging your mouse. If you struggle with the gameplay mechanism, just enter the full screen mode for a better gaming experience.

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