Electrotank Mini Golf


electrotank mini golfElectrotank Mini Golf is a challenging golf game that can be played by two players on the same PC. The game features simple 3D graphics and realistic physics with lots of cool animations and effects. You will be playing on a golf course full of interesting features and electonic devices such as fans, treadmills and teleports. Choose one of the game modes, pick a character, enter your name and start playing a match. In the two player mode, you will be able to compete against your friend in real time! Move your mouse around the character to aim. Move your mouse away from the character to gain power. Watch the power bar below your character as it moves up and down. Once you are happy with the power and direction of your shot, click to swing your club and hit the ball. Scroll the map using your arrow keys. If your character ever blocks your view of the ball, hold down the shift key to temporarily make him invisible.

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