D.W.’s Island Bugball


dws island bugballD.W.’s Island Bugball is a cool online game inspired by the famous Arthur Read series. Help Dora Winifred (“D.W.”) play a cute mini-golf game with bugs and other animals. The rules of the game are similar to the classic mini-golf rules but instead of a ball, you will be putting a bug. See the map of the island, go through 9 different levels of the golf course and complete each hole with the fewest putts possible. Choose your favorite bug color and start playing. Select one of the 5 available difficulty levels displayed at the bottom of the screen. To shoot a bug, touch it, pull back and let go. The bug will follow the direction of the arrow. The further you pull back, the farther the bug will go. Overcome various obstacles and hit pieces of fruit scattered around the field for a better score. In the D.W.’s Island Bugball mini-golf game online, you can even create your own levels and customize the course using various types of obstacles.

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