Cursed to Golf


cursed to golfCursed to Golf is a classic arcade game online in which you will be playing on a purgatory golf course. The game features cool retro graphics, challenging levels and interesting gameplay mechanism. Go through 9 super-fun levels, complete all holes and try to finish the entire golf course with the fewest strokes possible. Click your mouse to start swinging your club. Watch the golfer as he swings and click at the right moment to set the power of your shot. Click once again to set the angle of your shot and launch the ball. There are various useful objects around the course that will speed up your shot, teleport the ball, etc. Collect coins scattered around the map to increase your score. After each level, you can choose a special power-up item that will help you as you progress in the game. Press the A, B, or C key on your keyboard to activate one of these special items: Birdie Eye, Mulligan, Explode. Can you survive the purgatory?

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