CardMania Golf Solitaire


cardmania golf solitaireCardMania Golf Solitaire is a free card game online similar to the popular Tripeaks Solitaire but with additional rules that make the game more challenging and fun. The objective of the game is to win as many rounds of Golf Solitaire by removing all cards from the table. Cards can be moved from the table to the discard pile only. Cards can be removed from the top of the table and discarded if they are in a sequence, meaning either one rank above or one rank below. There are three difficulty modes for each board. In the Easy difficulty mode, the gameplay is similar to the more popular Tripeaks Solitaire but in addition, you get 2 Jokers. In the Normal mode, you get only one Joker. In the Hard mode, you are not allowed to turn corners on Aces and Kings, you get only one Joker. Wildcard Jokers can be put on top of any card and you are allowed to place any card on top of the Jokers. Each round has a 3 minute time limit.

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