Battle Golf


battle golfBattle Golf is a unique golf game in which you will compete against another golfer in a real-time battle. Customize your character using various types on cosmetics and start playing a match. Watch the arrow on the right and click your left mouse button to set the trajectory of your shot. Watch the power indicator at the bottom and click to set the power of your shot. Swing your club and hit the ball as precisely as you can, so it will reach the flag in the middle of the screen before the opponent’s ball. Try to outcompete your opponent by scoring holes faster and with fewer shots. Each time a player scores, the target area changes its appearance. The first player to score 5 holes wins the match. You will earn cash every time you win a match. Complete daily quests and earn extra cash, so you can unlock more items in the shop. There are various tasks to complete like scoring headshots, winning consecutive battles, etc.

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