Attic Stuff Golf


attic stuff golfIn the Attic Stuff Golf game online, you will explore Dipper and Mabel Pines’ attic, so you can find the best place to play mini-golf. If you are a fan of free golf games and the Gravity Falls animated TV series, then you will absolutely love this title! Select either Dipper or Mabel, choose one of the game modes and start playing. Click anywhere on the box to set a start point. Click, hold and move your mouse to aim and set power of your shot. Release the mouse button to swing your club and shoot the ball. If you shoot over 5 strokes on a hole, your turn is over and the tally is set to 6. You can earn extra points by bouncing the ball off walls and other objects. Your current score is displayed at the top of the screen. Your strokes, holes, and pars are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The Attic Stuff Golf game offers both a single player and 2 player mode, so can challenge your friend to see who is the better mini-golf player.

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